The 3 C’s Of Content Marketing in Holland

13 January 2014

Content marketing in Holland is one of the most important ways to gain trust in 2014. It is important when creating content for your own brand or cIients to keep three things in mind.

Be compelling in content marketing. Content should be intriguing and it should pull your customer into your brand. The information and perspective you provide should feel unlike anything that’s available elsewhere, and it should give your customer pause, to want more and to seek out your brand. Your goal should be to stop them in their tracks.

Always customize your content marketing. When publishing your content, it’s important that it feels unique to your customer, specially created to suit their certain kind of needs. Your customer should feel like you are talking directly to them. You’ll be successful when your customers see themselves in your content.

Keep content marketing consistency. Each piece of content you distribute should be published consistently, with purpose, and with a constant brand voice. All of the information should feel like it’s coming from the same place, with the same objectives in mind. Content that is inconsistent will lose your customers quickly. You know you’ve done it right when your customer recognizes your brand each and every time.

Content marketing is not a one-off or a one-night stand, but rather a long-term relationship with the customer. You should treat your content with consistent care and a goal to continually please. You will then be well on your way to developing a loyal customer base for yourself too.

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