Mobile SEO, Something Different

20 May 2014

SEO site optimization starts with understanding the need for a tailored mobile site. Here are free essential tips.

It might sound like a cliché if I say that the world is shifting towards mobile. That would have been pretty correct three years ago. But today, it is evident that we have already shifted towards mobile.

One in every four searches happens on mobile, with 50 percent of mobile searchers using their device at the start of the search process and 88 percent using smartphones to conduct local searches.

As mobile is growing, mobile marketing is growing too. Marketers need be smart enough to optimize their mobile site by doing the right mobile SEO.

Yes, mobile SEO is slightly different from what is done for desktop, and it is important to understand that the way people search on mobile is different from how they search on desktop. In fact, Google recently announced separate changes for mobile and desktop in its search quality updates. Including:

Mobile SEO - More Localized Results: For mobile search results, Google places listings – now known as Google My Business – tend to appear more numerously than desktop search results. And it means results for mobile searches are more likely to be localized. Moreover, there is a greater chance of websites with local intent to have higher rankings than those with non-local intent.

Mobile SEO - Different Levels of Engagement: Mobile users have different levels of engagement compared with desktop users. A drop from first to fourth position on a mobile phone can mean a CTR drop-off of up to 90 percent.

Mobile SEO - Ranking Algorithms Are Different: Mobile search uses different ranking algorithms from desktop searches. Location is one of the key factors that can change the mobile search results for different users.

Mobile SEO - Different Search Behavior: Mobile users have different search intent as compared to desktop users. There is more urgency of action.

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