How WhatsApp can be used as a marketingtool

30 June 2023

With more than 9 million users in the Netherlands, WhatsApp can be considered as a logical application for commercial usage. In this  new Blog you will read the pros and cons of WhatsApp as a marketingtool.

Pros of WhatsApp as a marketingtool

Crossplatform opportunities

Recently, the webversion of WhatsApp was launched. Users can use a pc or laptop to read their WhatsApp messages. This makes it easier for companies to send content from their websites to customers phones, without changing platforms. This saves time and employees don’t have to be on their phones all the time!


Customers may have a question or complain, but by using WhatsApp as an appcare application, you can answer your customers very quickly. WhatsApp is also a more private way for consumers to talk to a company, more than Twitter or Facebook. On top of that, WhatsApp also provides free calling, which makes it easier for a customer to speak directly to a company without worrying about the costs. 


Engagement is building a valuable, personalized relationship with the consumer in order to make the consumer more loyal to a brand,product or service. WhatsApp can be used for deep conversations with customers, for example using the groupchat function for focus groups.

News en Content

WhatsApp is an ideal tool for spreading news and content among consumers. For example, airports and aircompanies use WhatsApp as a way to send travellers notifications about their flight. In the Netherlands, the first company which used WhatsApp for commercial purposes, was NRC-Q (a Dutch newspaper). NRC-Q used the application to send a link to the most recent articles in the paper. Sending pictures, videos and sound recordings is very easy with WhatsApp, and also free!

Cons of using WhatsApp as marketingtool

• Many people consider WhatsApp as a personal communication-application, the question is if they’re open for commercial use.

• Data is being stored in the USA, this may worry the Dutch users. Especially after the NSA incidents.

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