How to design a webpage that looks great and ranks high with Dutch SEO

23 October 2014

These Dutch SEO tips will help you maximize the impact of your website in order to increase engagement among consumers and keep visitors coming back for more.

Search engine optimization (SEO), often associated with change and fluidity, continues to mutate at a frenetic pace. The Dutch SEO techniques that were once considered best practices are now things of the past.

Dutch SEO is an essential part of your online presence. Using the right Dutch SEO techniques can increase the ranking and visibility of your website in Holland. If your business is somewhere near the top of the search results, then more users will click on your page and see what your product or service is all about.

So, how can you make your Web design SEO-friendly to position yourself higher on search result pages in Holland?

Here are free search engine optimization tips of the best Dutch SEO techniques for Web design that will maximize the impact of your website.

SEO-Friendly URL

You need to make sure that the URL of your site is SEO-friendly. Only use keywords that are relevant to your business and relate to it in some way. Avoid using long URLs, and if possible separate terms using hyphens. The URL should give people an idea about your business.

Optimized Images

To get a better rank in the search results, optimize your images along with the text on your website. Avoid using large images on your website. Keep the image size from 30 to 100 KB with a resolution of 72 dpi. Large images make your site load slower. When you are creating an alt image text, make sure that you use keywords in graphics, header images, logo images, and buttons on each page.

Responsive Web Design

Designing for multiple devices, aka responsive design, is what Google recommends. This type of design allows your website to perform optimally on multiple devices. From an Dutch SEO perspective, a responsive website has a single URL for both the mobile and the main site, which means that you will have to drive links to a single URL instead of two. This is an easy way to increase your external backlink count.

Quick Navigation

When you design your website, make sure the navigation is not difficult. Let users experience an easier navigation when they land on your website so that they can easily find what they are looking for. Place the navigation bar either at the top or along the left margin of the page.

Fast Page Load Time

Page load time is an important aspect from a website visitor's perspective. Consumers are busy and do not like waiting for a page to load. Mobile users on an average only wait for five seconds for the page to load, whereas desktop users wait only for three seconds for the page to load.

To reduce the page load time, make sure you are minimizing Javascripts, enabling compression, using small images, and browser caching.

Relevant Keywords

Definitely, using the right keywords is important, but do not overuse them. This will make your page spammy. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find out what your customers are looking for.

Social Media Integration

We all know the power of social media networks and how high they rank in search engine results. While designing your website, you can add social media buttons for your accounts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A Web page designed in a way that doesn't not confuse or overwhelm the visitor will be beneficial for you and the users. Keeping the end users in mind and blending the best Web design practices with Dutch SEO is a win-win.

These steps should help you in designing a website that ranks higher in search results and is easily located by customers. This will improve your visibility and increase your sales as well.

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