Prepare for Facebook Graph Search

27 February 2013

Did you already prepare for Facebook Graph Search? Slowly Facebook´s Graph Search is introduced to more and more users. The first buzz about the news is over. Time to see what it’s actually about and how you prepare for Facebook Graph search.

What is Facebook Graph Search?
So far you could mainly search for people and pages on Facebook. With Graph Search options are bigger. You can also search by categories or simple phrases. The search result doesn’t just contain profiles, but also other content. Relevant results are unique and different for everyone, based on: relationships ,shared information and content. You and any kind of content you share can appear in search results. Searches that do not match a particular result, display the results that are most relevant to the user. You want to appear good, reason enough to prepare for Facebook Graph Search.

What’s the use of Facebook Graph Search?
With Graph Search a new way of using Facebook is born. Imagine you have a date you want to bring to a restaurant. You live in London. The search option: “restaurants my friends like in London” gives you nice tips of where to go. Or imagine you want to find back that one funny picture of your friends at the Halloween party. Type in: “pictures Halloween party 2012” and you find it back easy. There are many ways in which the new options of Facebook Graph Search can be used.

How to prepare for Facebook Graph Search?
By the time Facebook Graph Search is available for your region, you want to be ready. Luckily no immediate action is required. Just make sure your Page, place, or app is complete and up-to-date. You can use this checklist to prepare for Facebook Graph Search:

  • Complete the “About” section (name, category, vanity URL and information)
  • Update: your address (mainly relevant for local pages/ businesses )
  • Upload a new profile photo: a 620x620 pixel resolution works best
  • Share content directly on Facebook (only this can appear as a result)

How to appear high in results of Facebook Graph Search?
You want your business to appear as high as possible in results for Facebook Graph Search. Results are ordered based on a user’s relationships. So people who engage with your Page or app do matter. But it’s not just the number of fans or users that matter. Also the strength of your connections are important. If a user searches for restaurants in a particular city, those that are most popular with his/her closest friends will be displayed first. Additionally, results that are similar to a searcher’s existing likes and interests may be ranked higher.

Be prepared in time for Facebook Graph Search to make sure your business is found often. All Facebook users can learn more and request to join the beta by signing-up here: https://www.facebook.com/graphsearch.



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