How to design a webpage that looks great and ranks high with Dutch SEO

23 oktober 2014

These Dutch SEO tips will help you maximize the impact of your website in order to increase engagement among consumers and keep visitors coming back for more.

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How to fire back at an angry customer on Dutch Social Media

15 oktober 2014

Dutch social media is a wonderful and remarkably useful tool for promoting your business and building your brand in Holland. When it comes to angry complaints, however, it can turn into a vile, unrelenting beast that tears your company down. Fortunately, understanding how to deal with angry customers on Dutch social media is actually quite easy.

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10 Interesting Facts About Retargeting

09 oktober 2014

The average website conversion rate is a little more than 2 percent. In other words, nearly all of the people who visit a site for the first time leave without some form of desired action.

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What Not To Do With A Meta Description

08 oktober 2014

Should you fail to put in a meta description for the pages you want to rank for, Google will display a snippet of text from the first paragraph of your page. If there's a search keyword in that text, it'll be bolded. Why is this bad? Well, it means you'll miss out on being able to sell to your prospective buyers. Now what salesperson would miss out on that opportunity?

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Video marketing SEO, A Significant Opportunity For Any Business

01 oktober 2014

When video is compelling, people tend to pay more attention compared to reading a static article. A video can capture someone's attention longer than any other form of advertisement.

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Realimpact Successful Email Marketing Tips

04 augustus 2014

Email marketing has become one of the easiest ways for businesses to reach their customers. Cost-effectiveness, shareability and the speed of message delivery have made email campaigns a critical component of most businesses' marketing strategies.

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Mobile SEO, Something Different

20 mei 2014

SEO site optimization starts with understanding the need for a tailored mobile site. Here are free essential tips.

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How To Write An Effective Meta Description

07 maart 2014

How to bring someone to your website: With an effective meta description.

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The 3 C’s Of Content Marketing in Holland

13 januari 2014

Content marketing in Holland is one of the most important ways to gain trust in 2014. It is important when creating content for your own brand or cIients to keep three things in mind.

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Killer Marketing Mix

16 november 2013

How to use your marketing money? Nielsen studie shows the effectiveness. Internet is the overall winner.

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