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About the founder of Realimpact: Drs. Gerbrand van Barneveld is all-round marketing and communication counselor and certified senior ICT project manager. After his study Digital Journalism at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, he completed his study of Social Business at the Universiteit of Amsterdam. The knowledge gained during the training Internet Marketing Strategy (Nyenrode Business Universiteit) and the Postgraduate education Customer Relations Management (Beeckestijn Business School) provide a state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of the online channel. Because of his diversity and enthusiasm Gerbrand brings relevant knowledge.

Over the years, the specialists of Realimpact have gained experience in the whole spectrum of campaign moderate and corporate Internet Marketing. Besides practical knowledge every counselor follows a relevant course yearly. This way we have a state-of-the-art knowledge. Realimpact has, because of his flexible scale from a cooperative position, the possibility to scale at short-term. This way we are able to bring every project, small and big, to a successful end.

We help you based on knowledge and experience at the right choice and we like to plan a free consultation. Leave you personal details here and we will get in touch with you.

One of our counselors will call or mail you to discuss your specific situations. You can leave your personal details here.


"At Realimpact driven professionals are working with adequate expertise. As soon as the objective is formulated, they know how to achieve this objective very quickly.
- Tom Ebeling, Director Ordina

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